25 January 2012

first thoughts about google privacy policy

Just read through the privacy issues. Not really that bad. Gives me a better experience. Gives them valuable information about me. Ideally I would like to be compensated for that synergistic value they now get. Would certainly be better if you got to choose if you wanted the new policy or the old one (if you could opt out).

One-Note in the classroom

One note is great for students because it accepts all different file formats (excel tables and formulas, word, pdfs, powerpoints, even websites …) all into one notebook file. One note organization is great because the notebook file is organized just like a notebook (notebook with sections, sections can have many pages; I use one section per class and include my notes and homework and slides as different pages in that section, granted you could do something similar on a shared drive with folders). One note is great for students with tablets because you can write directly onto the pages unlike excel word or powerpoint. They can take notes ontop of your notes, highlight, … One note is great because of its syncing capability. The creator can store the notebook on a shared drive (or even the internet at Microsoft sky drive) and any student/person who opens it once and it will stay synced. When students make changes (such as highlight your stuff) that doesn’t effect the master version uploaded by the creator. But, when the creator makes changes it syncs with the shared version and on the students notebooks. You can store future quizzes and tests in the notebook but password protect the sections (just right click the section). In my mind, one-note is the best thing (and maybe only thing) Microsoft has going right. There is no good competitor product to it. (how it works; a notebook is a collection of many sections which is a collection of many page files, and one table of contents file that carries the organization of the notebook).