17 June 2008

TBUF Recap

this past weekend, Bobbie and I traveled to Galveston to stay in our friend Dave Street's beach house, hang with a bunch of good buds, and play in the 2008 Galveston Island Beach Ultimate Tournament (TBUF)hosted by the Houston Ultimate Club (HUC).

Our team - Wannaleiya - used our skills, heart, and sweet jerseys to dazzle and amaze the other teams, up to the finals; which we won. that's right, we were 2008 TBUF champs.

Here's a player by player recap.

Sunshine, my brotha, tremendous d's all day, even up to the last game, just as the other team was trying to generate some momentum, you had a huge defensive stuff in the endzone. Need I mention the total sacrificial bid in the first game and the back scar? You owe yourself a nice big piece of ham.

J-Ron, watching you play is like a fairy-tale. You catch everything, then you use your magical gold slippers to gently land in the deep corner of the endzone. As soon as we stretched you out a little bit, wannaleiya won happily ever after.

Ginny, it was tough to hit a target a little smaller than J-Ron in those windy conditions, but you were relentless. I saw you getting a little tired after the first game, but then I couldn't believe it was the same person running like a track star in the last game, taking defender after defender with you. Plus, as soon as you got your hands dialed in, you were on-fire. I remember a sports-center highlight where you had a killer grab and perfect continue for score.

Jenn, you deserve an A on your test. Your handling was superb. You threw like there wasn't even any wind. Plus, your cuts were quite savvy. I remember a couple times being on a high-stall count, not having a lot of options, and then seeing you on the perfect cut for a big-bender score. Those aren't easy to catch either, but you made them look like a piece of cake, like a walk on the beach. Looked like a beach ulty veteran for your first beach tournie.

Uncle Spike, where do you keep those wings. I'm well familiar with layout d's, but wasn't aware of your catch&fly. Seems like you could catch, flap your wings a couple times, land just in the endzone across the rope in sandstorm of fury, and emerge with aviators intact. Damn fine.
Plus, nice downwind hammer pulls. And upwind pull-catches, oh, wait...

Oh what the heck, I'll give myself some props too.
My mark seemed effective. I started calibrating that downwind thumber pull. And, way to eat everything sunshine fed me in that front-corner. That's some chemistry. Step-off d.

Jeanne, you sure got an eye for talent. You pulled the whole successful venture together. Got us fired up after we started off slow, and then once we were hitting full speed, you just let the machine run. Wannaleiya CEO. Success and Fun. Nice work, mission accomplished.

Looking forward to unfolding my red tbuf champion chair at riverside practice on wed night,

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