20 October 2008

finger shoes


Have you seen anybody running in those new finger shoes, the shoes
with sleeves for each toe?

I got a pair to try them out after the article in Runner’s World.
The idea is basically a really light track shoe with toes separated.

They look really weird, but I love them.
I feel my whole stride changing, muscles in my feet, ankles, and
calves getting stronger.
My stride got a lot more ginger (probably because they don’t have
nearly as much cushion).
Also, I feel that I am running on the outside of my foot a little more
and rolling over the ball of my foot like I’m supposed to.
And, I’ve been able to use my freakish toes to push off on every
That’s why I think my calves are a little sore.

Altogether, feel a lot stronger and faster. I’m a big fan.
Interested on if you’ve tried them, seen them, or heard any reports.

Previously crippled by cushion,



Bobbie said...

How are the blisters??

Anonymous said...

Do you wear socks?

Bobbie said...

anon - he does not wear socks, that's why he got a blister. Vibram does make "5 finger" socks, but I'm not sure if they would fit inside of the shoes...