08 April 2009

academic final stretch

well folks, a chapter in my life is drawing to a close.
i have scheduled my dissertation defense for 5 May 2009 (yes, Cinco de Mayo).
Last week was a pretty busy week preparing for 3 presentations and 3 conference submissions, but the oncoming weeks will be even more intense.
Even so, i don't view it as stressful, i enjoy the research
The official graduation is 24 May 2009.

But as chapters draw to a close, new ones open. Even though i thoroughly enjoyed learning how to do professional economic research here at UT graduate school, i am excited about the new unfolding chapters. Hopefully it will have much to do with application of learned tools, implementation of conclusions drawn from research, and participation in the American free-enterprise system. However it turns out exactly, i look forward to tackling it with enthusiasm, passion and vigor with my wife Bobbie.

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barbara kaye said...

Yeah, Nick! Congrats on your success thus far! We will be praying for you as you prepare to defend. :) So, you don't know where your next stop will be yet?

Love and miss you!
Barbara Wilder